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Staples Canada Back to School Deals

on August 20, 2014


It’s almost back to school time and there are many deals to be had. Whether you have children in school, children too young too attend school, or no children at all, back to school is a great time to stock up on any stationary supplies you may need throughout the next year. This is a great way to avoid having to pay full price for any of these items later in the year.

Although we still have 2 years before Nicole is off to kindergarten, I still decided to stop in to our local Staples Canada to see what deals we could find on supplies. We were able to find some great deals, and also splurged on a few items as well. The total we spent on our Staples Canada school supply trip was $35.15 which included all of the following:

6 x 150 sheets Staples lined paper @ $0.10 each
5 x 4 pack of 32 page exercise books @ $0.20 each
11 x duo tang covers @ $0.05 each
6 x 24 pack Crayola crayons @ $0.25 each
3 x 24 pack Crayola pencil crayons with pencil sharpener @ $0.94 each
1 x 10 pack Wopex Eco pencils with eraser @ $3.99
1 x 8 pack Crayola dry erase pencil crayons with sharpener @ $3.92
1 x 12 pack Bic softfeel retractable blue pens @ $4.00
2 x Elmer’s washable glue stick @ $2.16 each
2 x Elmer’s washable school glue @ $0.99 each
3 x Enduraglide fine tipped white board markers @ $1.89 each

This year, I picked up supplies to start on some preschool skills for Nicole. I will be using the duo tang covers and lined paper to start some tracing activity books including, upper and lower case letters, numbers, and basic words. Once she gets the hang of tracing, the duo tangs can be repurposed into activity books for Nicole to do the same activities freehand.

I may do another school supply run just before school is about to start, to see if there are any other items I can stock up on for the coming year.

What great deals were you able to find this year?


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